Kathy Cascade offers a variety of services including private training sessions, small group workshops, seminars, demonstrations, and phone consultation.  She also offers an online version of the S.A.N.E. Solutions for Challenging Dog Behavior course.  Check out the detailed descriptions below to select the best educational option for you and your animal companion.

Our teaching emphasis is on recognizing and reducing stress responses, building confidence, and enhancing communication and trust between people and animals.  The foundation of our approach is the Tellington TTouch Method coupled with other creative and non-threatening exercises designed to teach appropriate behavioral responses without force.   While most of our services are geared toward dogs, Kathy also offers private training sessions for horses and cats.

Workshops & Seminars

Workshops and seminars can be tailored to your specific interest or needs.  Typically, a workshop is limited to a smaller group of twenty or fewer participants and their dogs.  Workshops offer an opportunity for hands-on practice time and feedback.  A seminar allows for a greater number of people to attend, and consists of lecture and demonstrations.  Please contact us for information on hosting an event in your area.

Kathy teaches several special-focus workshops:

Help Your Dog Become Calm & Confident with Tellington TTouch

This workshop is typically a one-day, hands-on introduction to the TTouch philosophy and method.  Observational skills, bodywork, leash skills, and other tools will be covered. No prior knowledge of TTouch is required to attend.

S.A.N.E. Solutions for Challenging Dog Behavior 

This workshop has a specific focus on techniques to reduce reactive behavior and also addresses fearfulness and anxiety issues.  The goal is to help dogs develop confidence to cope with new situations and environments. Because of the nature of this workshop, dog/handler teams are limited to a smaller number, however people can also attend without a dog.   This workshop can also be geared toward small dogs that exhibit significant fearfulness and shyness.

Check out Kathy's article on Reducing Reactive Behavior for more information.

Tellington TTouch Basics and Beyond Two Day Workshop

This expanded two-day workshop covers all of the TTouch method and allows for more practice time for participants.  The TTouch confidence course and leading skills are also covered in more depth.

The S.A.N.E. Approach to Working with Shelter and Rescue Animals

This workshop is geared to helping people who work with animals in the shelter and rescue environment.  The emphasis is on helping these animals overcome fear and build trust with humans.  It also addresses hyperactive behavior and how to increase adoption potential.  The workshop can be specific to dogs, cats, or both.